MD’s Desk

Yogesh Mariwala

Managing Director

Index Advisory started its journey as a Business & HR consulting company. While it continues to grow in this area, it is today known for its world class contributions through Psychometric Tests in the Lending space for Credit Evaluation.

It is a great feeling to facilitate lending to a large number of people who otherwise would not have been able to obtain loans. A significant chunk of the population does not have a Credit Score simply because they have never taken a loan before. Quite a few have a low score because of adverse circumstances. With the help of our tests, the intention of the people can be assessed.

We at Index have been able to do this through continuous research that has helped us improve the quality of our tests. We have been able to shorten the time taken from 25 minutes to 6 minutes while introducing various checks to ensure that the tests cannot be gamed.

What differentiates us from others is that we use Psychology as the base and use technology as an aid for effective decision making rather than the other way around.

We are confident that we will keep improving our tests and stay ahead of global competition and ensure our customers remain delighted.