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Index Advisory is dedicated to helping organizations achieve high business performance. This is achieved through strategic, managerial and functional interventions. Using coaching and change management skills and the information/best practices gathered across industries, we strive for organization-wide improvements. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients.

In its brief journey, Index Advisory could demonstrate value delivery through long duration engagements, as opposed to point consulting. Being industry agnostic, it could work with varied organizations from automotive to financial services and from consumer products to medical devices. It works with equal zeal in delivering value to its multi-national clients as well as start-ups. This diverse experience across sectors and organizational sizes helped Index Advisory in crossbreeding best practices, understanding market dynamics and in building independent perspectives that benefit its clientele.

Index Advisory’s HR practice is designed to achieve high people performance and productivity against global benchmarks. The domains in which it operates range from strategic HR, the design of psychometric tests, design and audit of HR processes, creating and running assessment centers, carrying out employee engagement surveys, designing performance management systems, competency mapping, etc.

The dealers and suppliers to most of the big corporates have a huge contribution to their success or failure. It is the employees of these partners who are many times the touch point with the end customer. Thus, even though the corporate may have some of the best systems and processes the customer may still be dissatisfied. Index with its rich experience in the SME space can help corporates to audit and review the HR processes at these dealers and suppliers as well as monitor the levels of employee engagement at these partner firms.

Index Advisory takes immense pleasure in ‘making business easy’, particularly to the SMEs, which we strongly believe are the next wave giants. We feel privileged to be a part of their growth story.

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